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Jewelry Making Pliers,Jewelry Pliers High Accuracy Bent Nose Pliers Bent Long Nose Pliers Built to Last

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The Beadsmith Slim Line Bent Chain Nose Pliers, 4.75

RIGHT TOOL FOR THE RIGHT JOB: Make consistent loops and bends on each one of your jewelry pieces with our chain-nose pliers! With a spring-joint

Tools by The Beadsmith Bent Chain Nose Pliers – 5 inches (127mm) – Built-in Cutter – Polished Steel Head, Ergonomic Handles & Double-Leaf Springs –

5-Piece Pliers Set Jewelers Kit 5 Stainless Steel Tools Cutting Pliers Beading Professional Jewelry Making Side Cutters Long Bent Nose Needle Nose

Set of 2 Pliers for Chainmail and Jewelry Making Premium Xuron

German Long Round Nose Plier

WORKPRO 2-Pcs 6 Mini Needle Nose Pliers Set, Long Nose Pliers, Bent N

Lindstrom RX7890 Chain Nose Pliers

German Long Round Nose Plier


Högert snipe nose pliers straight (DIN 5745)