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Korum Tackle Blox 4 Slot

$ 2.00

4.6 (637) In stock

Small and neat little tackle boxes from Korum released as part of Korum's Blox concept tackle system. Designed to fit perfectly inside the Blox tackle

Korum Tackle Rig Blox Deluxe – Invicta Angling

Korum, Tackle Blox, Fully Loaded

Krabička Korum Bits Blox - 4 Slot

Fishing Tackle Boxes, Accessory Boxes, Rig Boxes

Korum Bitz Blox 4 Slot - £2.49

Korum Roving Blox Fully Loaded - Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle

Korums Tackle Blox system, available unloaded so you can add the accessories you might already have. With the compatible Bitz box and Rig Blox

Korum Tackle Blox Unloaded

Preston Innovations 8 Compartment Magnetic Hook Boxes – Invicta

Korum Tackle Blox Fully Loaded