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Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Red Kahle Hook, Size 2/0 - Shop Fishing at

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Offers the perfect combination of strength, jaw penetration, and holding power. With its impact-resistant 3X strong wire construction, regular shaft length, classic round bend design, and Lazer Sharp needle point, this hook is well suited to a wide range of crankbait and rigging applications. American made and great for lure treble replacements. These hooks are extremely durable, Lazer sharp, and are approved for fresh and saltwater fishing.

Eagle Claw Treble Round Bend 3X Black Platinum 5ct Size 6

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Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hooks (8-Pack), Size 2/0 : Sports & Outdoors

Target salmon and steelhead on drop-shot rigs using the Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp L1 Octopus Hook. It features an offset up-eye design and Lazer Sharp needle point for sure jaw penetration. Target salmon and steelhead Octopus hook is perfect for drop-shot rigs Offset up eye Lazer Sharp needle point.

Lazer Sharp Octopus Hook

Eagle Claw LPS949-4 Fletcher Shryock Kahle Treble Hook, Size 4

Lazer Sharp Kahle Hook - Bulk Pack

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Fluke/Kahle Gold Hooks L146G – Spider Rigs/Rigged&Ready Offshore Lures

The functionally-shaped Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp L197 Circle Sea Offset Circle Hook catches 60% more fish than conventional J-shaped hooks, due to its proven 95% lip hook rate. In addition to reducing fish mortality, the Circle Sea Offset Circle Hook provides greater holding power with fewer drop-offs. Holds bait well; great for live bait rigs and trotlines. This light wire needlepoint hook features Eagle Claw's durable Sea Guard black finish and has a large ringed eye.

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Offset Hook, Size 2/0

Clam 10169 drop jig XL, size 12 Painted octopus hook 25PK Model: L2FOUH-4 # L2FOUH-4 Bulk hooks single shank

Eagle Claw Eagle Claw L 2 Lazer Sharp Fishing Hook

Eagle Claw (1/0) - Lazer Sharp Kahle Offset Hook, Bronze

Gamakatsu 02309 Octopus Hook, Red, Size 2 - 8 count bag

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