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Tackle Tubes : Aramis Rugby: Tackle Tube for Seniors

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The Aramis Senior Tackle tube is an ideal "moving" training aid. The rolling movement and the inner empty circle provides a "moving target" for the player to tackle. Aramis Rugby low height Tackle tube with superior padding reduces ris
ARAMIS is a sports equipment manufacturing brand, specialising in rugby. Aramis Rugby, is mostly known for its Scrum Machines, Balls, Training equipment and High performance kit & Clothing, being the official supplier to many Rugby premiership teams in UK and worldwide.

Silverfern Sport Tackle Tube

THE ORIGINAL, Tackle Tube is a dynamic tool that facilitates correct tackle positioning and hones judgment and timing. Invented in 2009 to help coach

Tackle Tube Senior Pro

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Rugby Tackle Tube / Ring

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Tackle Tube Senior Pro